Our Vision

Our vision is based on a balance between economic and social development, citizen’s rights and responsibilities with ecological regeneration which gives equal importance to local priorities and global demand. 

Environ Friend Magazine (a mouth piece of environ Friend Institute) was started by environmentalist Rajendra Tewary, who had a dream and commitment to make us aware of our challenges and believed that we could be the change in the world. It started in 2002 as a print magazine – our first cover was on the Impact of Climate Change in the world. Since then we have come a long way (or not) as the world is more aware of the dangers of climate change and yet even less prepared to deal with challenges of local and global environmental management. 

Environ Friend is a monthly magazine dedicated to disseminating information and knowledge on issues of environment, energy, and sustainable development. It brings in-depth stories from across the world on water, climate change, pollution, natural disasters, conservation measures, environment-friendly technologies and products, recent path-breaking developments, and related topics.  

Environ Friend Magazine provides an interesting mix of environmental news stories that will provoke thought as well as being an important source of environmental information and opinion. We do not simply focus on the big stories, but seek out some of more unusual and controversial environmental issues from around the world.

During the last fifteen years Environ Friend Magazine has continued to highlight the contradictions of economic globalization, the health effects of everyday toxins, and the huge environmental cost of industrial agriculture. Its continued coverage has pushed many of these issues into the political mainstream.

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