Things To Know When Buying A Paint Sprayer

Things To Know When Buying A Paint Sprayer

toko online murahPaint sprayers are reputed to apply paint at a rate that is 10 times faster than paint brushes, and 4 times faster than paint rollers. For a homeowner who hates painting projects, this might sound like a tempting purchase. In reality, sprayers have very specific capabilities, offering distinct advantages as well as disadvantages. A homeowner who has decided to purchase a paint sprayer should research these products thoroughly to determine if this tool is the right choice. A homeowner who makes the choice to purchase a sprayer should conduct further research to decide which type to buy.

Types of Sprayers Paint sprayers are made for applying an even application of paint over a large area in a short period of time. For big outdoor jobs like repainting a home exterior, professional grade sprayers are ideal. However, the cost of purchasing a sprayer of this caliber can be prohibitive, and in many cases homeowners find that rentals are more affordable. Sprayers are also useful for applying a smooth coat of high-gloss paint to an uneven surface, such as in the case of painting delicate objects like furniture or a piano.

For jobs like this, high volume, low pressure spray gun kits (known as HVLP sprayers) are the sprayers of choice. These tools have a low over spray, making them toko online acceptable for some interior paint projects as well. Advantages and Disadvantages The more powerful the sprayer, the more quickly the painting job can be completed. However, while painting done with a sprayer takes less time than painting done by hand, the time gained is less dramatic when one takes into account set up and clean up time.

Larger sprayers tend to have a lot of power and a large over-spray, making them difficult to control. Set up time for these sprayers can be significant, because every nearby object that should not be painted must be protected by a tarp. Sprayers also take a long time to clean up, but proper cleaning is critical to extend the life of the tool and this step cannot be skipped. In addition, people who are new to the process of painting with a sprayer should spend time practicing with the sprayer to gain control and understanding of the tool before beginning a project.

This training time is important for successfully applying an even coat of paint. Tips can get clogged or wear down, with cheaper sprayers doing so more easily than costly sprayers, so the savings may be less over time when inexpensive sprayers are purchased. When To Purchase A Sprayer Many homeowners find that the small hand-held units, known as cup guns, are the most useful types of paint sprayers to own. Larger paint sprayers are usually only suitable for large exterior jobs, and most home owners don't paint enough large jobs to justify the expense and the space needed to store these machines.

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