STOMVI Trompa TITAN Sib/Fa en la tienda online Musical-Instruments.Online - With only 28 years, VICENTE HONORATO IBÁÑEZ created his first own company in 80, devoted to the fine jewelry producing. At 30 he began a fresh project: Brass instrument developing. He was
inspired by quite a few professionals that believed in the creative ideas. He applied all of his jewelry knowledge in the handcrafted manufacturing of his STOMVI instruments, and it is said that Vicente
has a gifted musical ear and a great sensibility to perceive and appreciate the best tunings.
A similar tale happened in the XVI along with XVII centuries in Nuernberg, where the musical instruments workshops evolved from the jewelers and also precious metal craftsmen of that time.

The company founded together with his brothers in 1984 was known as HONIBA S. A., and also was devoted to the production of brass instruments with the generic brand STOMVI.

In the STOMVI factory at Xirivella (Valencia/Spain) you can see the most sophisticated technology aided by the craftsman hands of men and women precedent from the jewelry making.
They impregnated all their know-how with tender delicacy inside creation of the STOMVI tools. The soldiering precision, a wonderful slide of the pistons, typically the exquisite finish with the
24K gold and high quality silver include is a result of their enthusiastic craftmanship.

The inner part of the factory in Xirivella, is often visited by means of famous music personalities for that interchange of opinions. Each will share and shape the best Stomvi project.

STOMVI recently also developed a spectacular French Horn with unrivalled characteristics: The STOMVI French Horns TITAN are already different in their primary concepts: elegance, finish, accuracy and design. In other words, a jewel unequaled in the market. 
But all this would not work if it were not because it is genuine in its timbre and sonority, offering unrivaled performance and incomparable to any other product with similar characteristics. 

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