Kitchen Design Tips: Spice Up That Space

Kitchen Design Tips: Spice Up That Space

rta kitchen cabinetsSprucing a kitchen up depends on one's personal preference, but there's no reason to discount convenience and functionality in favor of looks. Style may be an essential component of any successfully designed interior space, but the center of a home requires careful planning and attention to the intended purpose.
Kitchens obviously function as places to sharpen one's cooking skills and enjoy the labors thereof, but they are also important gathering areas. Things that are in the way of well-traversed paths, such as stools and rugs, often suffer from the mishaps and movements of the occupants. Additionally, small items often have to compete with usage space requirements that must be set and respected. Although that countertop next to the kitchen sink may not be in use right now, it will certainly become occupied by food preparation and clean-up efforts at some future point. Things like spices need to be stored completely out of the way, and a cabinet or some open wall space is often the perfect place for a rack, even in large, roomy kitchens.
A spice rack should be built from a sturdy material, because although its contents will undoubtedly be light, a large piece of laden cookware or appliance set down on a brittle plastic edge can result in a bad chip. Matching new wall spice rack hardware to an existing cabinet set is also much easier when they are both made of a similar material. Wood base spice racks can be mounted on cabinet edges or offset and placed on nearby walls. With numerous styles to choose from, one can even decide whether the spices will be vertical or horizontally arranged, with the former more suitable for large numbers of different containers.
Spices usually go in cabinets in most kitchens, but even there, a handy rack can help ensure things stay a bit more organized. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a complicated recipe and having to hunt through volumes of similar-looking shakers and bins to find a single forgotten spice, especially given the time constraints of some dishes.
Top chefs in restaurants and entertainment venues use professional, sturdy wood-base spice racks to keep their cabinets clean and maintain the high speed they need for constant service. While most homeowners are not necessarily in the midst of an all-out cooking-battle-style race against time, simply enjoying kitchen a space while using it is enough reason to have a proper set-up that will not delay meal preparation. It relies on organized spice cabinet sets, rack spaces and spice arrangements.

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