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Non Profit organisation Registered under Societies Act, 80G of Income Tax and FCRA

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Mr. Rajendra Tewary
"Manas Premi"

Managing Editor

Mrs. Krishna Kumari
"Manas Sevika"




We depend on donations from the corporate and readers like you to keep new content flowing and expand our outreach efforts to help everyday people live greener lifestyles and become proactive in working to solve our environmental problems. Please keep the dream alive with a tax-deductible donation to Environ Friend Institute, donations with be exempted from the income tax. Environ Friend Institute is registered under 80G and FCRA.


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Rajendra Tewary is the founder-director of the Environ Friend Institute, India’s leading environmental NGO established in 2002. We are celebrating 15 years of excellence advocating on policies that involve the people in environmental issues in India.


Umakant Tiwari has been with the Environ Friend Institute since 2004. He is currently the President and the project head of the Institute and editor environ friend also. He holds the degree of Business Management and Masters in Journalism from Mumbai University. Umakant has been associated with different MNC’s like Cocacola and Cadbury.


Ramakant Tiwari is a head of tulsi neem project. We grow Tulsi and Neem and distribute it free of cost to Mumbaikars. It has been scientifically proved that the plant Tulsi and Neem helps us to control the CO2 level in the atmosphere. We are also campaigning to grow more and more Neem plants in Mumbai to fight against the dreaded Dracula of Air pollution. Institute also creates an awareness campaign among the farmers to grow plenty of Neem plants to raise the financial conditions. Now there is a demand of Neem fruits in the fertilizer industry in the production of Neem coated Urea.


Krishnakant Tiwari is a young energetic activist holding the responsibility as the Mumbai correspondent of the Environ Friend Magazine. He is a bachelor in Mass Media from Mumbai University.


Our Values

You’ll be pleased to know that there is no paid editorial contained in the publication. Each story is chosen based on the merit of the company, management and their projects. When we write a story on a company, they are not obligated to buy advertising and vice-verse, when companies purchase advertising space; we are not obligated to write a story. On occasion you will see a company that has both a story and an advertisement within the same issue, this is purely because the company is supporting our efforts as an independent publisher and understands without the support of advertisers, we would not be in business.

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