A green new deal is waiting to be enacted | Letter

A green new deal is waiting to be enacted | Letter

Caroline Lucas MP and Clive Lewis MP respond to Aditya Chakrabortty’s article arguing that a new economic model to fight the climate crisis is easier to promote than to define

Aditya Chakrabortty is right: there isn’t one green new deal, there are many versions – and that’s a strength, not a weakness (Muddled, top-down, technocratic: why the green new deal should be scrapped, 11 November). What underpins them all is the understanding that a plan of action to avert the worst of the climate crisis won’t work unless it also addresses a broken economic model that is not only trashing our planet but failing to deliver for millions of people, increasing inequality and eroding the fabric of our communities.

Aditya draws a false dichotomy between state-led action and a bottom-up approach. The truth is, neither can succeed alone. There are some things that only the state can do, while others are best led locally. Both are required.

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