Arrest the government, not Insulate Britain protesters | Letters

Arrest the government, not Insulate Britain protesters | Letters

One activist argues that we need systemic governmental change, while Diana Jones suggests there should be a baseline standard for energy-efficient homes

Patricia Taylor suggests that Insulate Britain activists pour their energy into insulating the places where they live and work (Letters, 13 October). Among other things, I have fitted the biggest solar array in the area on my last workplace. I have eco-retrofitted my own home and given tours of it through Cambridge Carbon Footprint for more than 10 years (the most recent tour can be seen on YouTube).

The problem is urgent: at least 8,500 people will die this winter because of their leaky homes and 3.2 million British people will have to choose between heating and eating this winter. Insulating homes is a win-win, creating meaningful jobs. Draught-free homes can be kept at much lower temperatures and still be comfortable.

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