Australia v the climate part four: fossil fuels

Australia v the climate part four: fossil fuels

Year after year, parts of our country are destroyed by floods and bushfires made worse by global heating. And yet multiple prime ministers have lost their jobs when they tried to do something about it. What’s behind Australia’s weak climate targets and its lack of ambition?

In part four, we explore the powerful fossil fuel lobbies and how have they influenced Australia’s climate policy over the decades.

Including: author Clive Hamilton, former Australian Greens leader Christine Milne, former minister for climate change Greg Combet, Guardian editor Lenore Taylor, director of policy at the Investor Group on Climate Change Erwin Jackson, scientist Graeme Pearman, and Union of Concerned Scientists member Alden Meyer.

Billed as the world’s “best, last chance” to get global heating under control, Cop26 has a big goal: to secure global net zero emissions by 2050 and keep 1.5C within reach.

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