C02 crisis makes a mockery of ‘global Britain’ | Letters

C02 crisis makes a mockery of ‘global Britain’ | Letters

Alistair Wood says today’s crises are caused by the UK selling off its most valuable assets, while Gary Nethercott asks what happened to Tory ‘market solutions’

Reading your report, I find myself becoming ever more despondent at the inability of the UK to influence – let alone control – its own future (Why is the UK bailing out US CO2 supplier CF Fertilisers?, 22 September).

Boris Johnson, Liz Truss and other government incompetents bang on about “global Britain”, but this phrase is both meaningless and misleading. The reality is that the various current crises are caused by Britain selling its most valuable assets to the rest of the world: CF Fertilisers is American, four of the big six energy companies are foreign-owned and GlaxoSmithKline is under pressure because its main shareholder is a US investment management company. The list of foreign ownership is a long one that includes much of our manufacturing, energy and retail base.

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