Cop26: can gas guzzling go green?

Cop26: can gas guzzling go green?

The Science Weekly podcast is in Glasgow, where we are bringing listeners daily episodes from Cop26. Each morning you will hear from one of the Guardian’s award-winning environment team. Today, host Madeleine Finlay speaks to environment reporter Oliver Milman about electric cars, ‘environmentally-friendly’ planes and the need to rethink transport

Yesterday evening, in a surprise press conference, China and the US announced a plan to work together on cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the next decade. The China-US Joint Glasgow Declaration on Enhancing Climate Action detailed some key areas for action, which included cutting methane and reducing emissions from industry and transport.

Globally, that last sector accounts for around a quarter of CO2 emissions. And to find out how they – and other countries – might reduce transport’s carbon footprint, Science Weekly’s Madeleine Finlay spoke with environment reporter Oliver Milman.

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