Cop26: what’s still to be resolved in the week ahead

Cop26: what’s still to be resolved in the week ahead

The ratchet issue is among several sticking points still to be finalised as negotiators return to the Cop26 table

Countries that have failed to come up with national plans on cutting greenhouse gas emissions in line with limiting temperature rises to 1.5C must be forced back to the negotiating table every year from now on, poor countries have said ahead of crunch talks at the Cop26 climate summit.

Current pledges are inadequate, and would lead to heating of 2.7C, according to UN calculations. But under the Paris agreement, countries are only required to ratchet up their pledges – known as nationally determined contributions (NDCs) – every five years, with the next deadline falling in 2025. Developing countries say this is much too late.

Regulations on how countries measure and report on their emissions.

Whether, and how, carbon trading can play a role in how countries meet their commitments, under article 6 of the Paris agreement.

How countries can be helped to adapt to the impacts of the climate crisis, and how they can receive financial help for any impacts too great to be adapted to – known as loss and damage.

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