‘Devoid of ambition’: Secret Negotiators on the Cop26 draft text

‘Devoid of ambition’: Secret Negotiators on the Cop26 draft text

The Guardian’s anonymous insiders respond to the publication of a draft deal at the climate conference

The Guardian has been speaking to climate negotiators from developing countries in the buildup to and during the Cop26 climate conference. We asked for their immediate reactions to the draft negotiation outcome published on Wednesday morning.

One secret negotiator said:

The draft covering decisions text has not come up to the global great expectations. The whole world wants a more ambitious outcome at Glasgow Cop26. But the draft covering decisions text waters down those ambitions and is not consistent with Paris agreement 1.5C goal, nor with raising ambitions [on cutting emissions].

The hope is that we have still two more days to raise mitigation [emissions-cutting] ambitions, deliver $100bn (£74bn) [that was promised from] 2020 and $100bn-plus for beyond 2025, fix article 6 rules for market mechanisms, set adaptation goals and support national adaptation plans and operationalise Santiago Network for loss and damage.

The IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] report is very clear, and the cover decision [summary of aims] needs to reiterate the messages from the IPCC report, acknowledge the gap between emissions pledges and the emissions cuts needed, and call on parties to fill the gap. Parties need to submit NDCs [nationally determined contributions] by 2022.

We also need clear language on doubling adaptation finance, and on solidarity and support from developed countries. The link between finance for developing countries and their ability to have higher ambition on cutting emissions by 2030 [which would result from that finance] is also not made clear.

To be honest, the text is devoid of any real ambition on finance and adaptation especially in the context of the motto of keeping the 1.5C alive. Furthermore, it seems to be a sign of sobering realisation that all the hype around Cop26 and gloss is fading and fading fast.

There seems to be some mad scramble now to kick the can on many issues down the road into next year. The so-called UK leadership does not seem to be present.

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