How to grow summer savory | Alys Fowler

How to grow summer savory | Alys Fowler

For herb butter or love potions, this is a winner

What started off as a sprinkling has become a hardened habit as I turn over more space each year to growing summer savory, Satureja hortensis. Apparently, the Romans thought it was so potent a herb that it was used in love potions; this reputation lingered into the medieval era, when monks were forbidden to grow it in the monasteries in case they fell under its spell.

It has clearly worked on me, because I find myself using its thyme-like leaves in as many dishes as I can. It has a fresh, warm flavour, with a hint of mint and a kick at the end, a heat that gets more pronounced as the summer goes on. The subtle, slightly grassier-flavoured young growth barely needs cooking.

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