My breadboard goes against the grain | Brief letters

My breadboard goes against the grain | Brief letters

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Re Adrian Chiles’s article (We need to stop buying stuff – and I know just the people to persuade us, 20 October), my Auntie Winnie was given a breadboard when she married, some time before 1910. After she died in 1972, the breadboard, still as good as new, was given to me. I have used it for 49 years, and it looks no different. I am hoping to live long enough for it to bypass a generation and go straight to one of my grandchildren, who are being brought up to own as little as possible that has not been reused or recycled.
Gill Claydon
Woolaston, Gloucestershire

• I would like to start a counter-campaign to Nigel Gann (Letters, 25 October) and ask for the prizes for the Saturday cryptic crossword to be reinstated. Rather than asking for postal entries, you could ask solvers to submit a photo of their entry by email to avoid any Covid risks.
Michael Crapper
Whitchurch, Hampshire

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