‘Overwhelming’ backing for strong climate action, UK study shows

‘Overwhelming’ backing for strong climate action, UK study shows

Biggest ever analysis shows public backs carbon tax on industry, flight levies and grants for heat pumps

The UK public backs a carbon tax on polluting industries, higher levies on flying and grants for heat pumps in order to tackle the climate crisis, according to the biggest analysis of policy preferences ever published.

Almost 22,000 people chose their favoured mix of policies to hit the government’s 2030 target for emissions cuts. A speed limit of 60mph on motorways and a campaign to reduce meat eating by 10% were also among the most popular measures, all of which had between 77% and 94% public support.

A carbon tax of £75 per tonne on polluting manufacturing and construction businesses, with some funding to invest in new technologies, supported by 94% of people.

Better-integrated public transport coordinated by local government (93%).

Food campaigns and support from government, supermarkets and food companies promoting plant-based diets and cutting meat and dairy consumption by 10% (93%).

A comprehensive UK-wide electric vehicle charging network by 2028 (91%).

Raising flying costs, particularly on frequent fliers (89%).

Some restrictions on cars entering city centres and a 60mph speed limit on motorways (82%).

Support for less intensive farming and paying farmers to improve nature, including woodlands (79%).

Grants for heat pumps and home insulation for low-income households and low-interest loans for others, reaching 1.4m heat pump installations a year by 2030 (77%).

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