The Guardian view on the way we eat: do as Dimbleby says | Editorial

The Guardian view on the way we eat: do as Dimbleby says | Editorial

It is disappointing but not surprising that the PM appears uninterested in plans to make people healthier

The businessman Henry Dimbleby, who co-founded the Leon restaurant chain and led a review of school food, has taken the opportunity given to him two years ago by the then environment secretary, Michael Gove, and run with it. The national food strategy published on Thursday is a genuinely bold attempt to solve a hard problem: how to stop ruining our nation’s health with junk food at the same time as cutting greenhouse gas emissions from food production. Taking one of its first quotations from the biologist Edward O Wilson, the report leaps with both feet into complex questions about human societies, agriculture and ecosystems pushed to the brink of disaster.

The strategy draws on some citizens’ assembly-type research and interviews with people in all parts of the food system, as well as existing knowledge. It digests insights from the team behind the landmark Limits to Growth report from half a century ago, and recent work on the value of nature, commissioned by the Treasury, from the economist Partha Dasgupta.

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