Weatherwatch: deadly winter storm sweeps Texas

Weatherwatch: deadly winter storm sweeps Texas

Rain and ice cause multiple-vehicle pile-ups on roads in Dallas and Austin, with several left dead

A winter storm in the US has brought deadly weather conditions to areas of the country not usually associated with the cold. Freezing rain in Texas caused chaos on interstates, with a huge crash involving more than 130 vehicles on the I-35 in Dallas, resulting in the deaths of six people. Nearby Austin also succumbed to the icy conditions, with more than 20 vehicles involved in a pile-up.

Meanwhile, in Turkey, a thunderstorm spawned a violent tornado at a coastal tourist resort last Thursday. The twister hit the town of Çeşme, causing 16 injuries, one of them serious. Cars were flipped over, a crane was toppled onto a construction site for holiday villas, and at least four boats were capsized.

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